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About Us

Who Are We?

We are one of the largest distributors of frozen chicken, beef, lamb, Fish and pork around the world with complete engagement from processing to delivery. We are specialized in distributing and trading chicken, beef, lamb, and pork by-products. The high quality of our product is guaranteed due to careful, detailed and systematic veterinary inspections. Due to the policy followed by the company, we are conceived in the market as a reliable, honest and trustworthy exporters and distributors of fresh & frozen meat.

Our quality and highly demanded brands are what sets us aside. We are Best producers, exporters, and suppliers of Quality Frozen Chicken, Beef, Lamb and Pork by-products. Our products reach more than 96 countries, spread across the five continents, with renowned brands such as Sadia, Perdigão, Quality, Danica, and Paty.



Increasing attention is being focused on problems with foodborne diseases and the risk of ingesting microbiologically contaminated food. The confidence consumers have in producers and distributors is therefore of the utmost importance.
We are highly aware of these conditions and have therefore implemented a quality assurance system that places emphasis on preventive inspection for the express purpose of maintaining food standards. The system has been approved by the Brazilian veterinary authorities.
Our quality system does not only meet the HACCP requirements laid down by the Brazil Veterinary Service as a minimum but is more far-reaching, in that a number of parameters of significance to meat and consumption quality and special customer aspects are also covered by the system.
Our facilities are modern; controlled growth has necessitated continuous capacity extension and the technological updating of the production apparatus. Thus, in terms of production technology, the company is among the world leaders.
A strategic alliance has been entered into with a very limited number of suppliers. This step was taken to ensure quality and uniformity as early as the raw material selection stage.


Why Choose US?

Loyalty, commitment and a solid business sense are the cornerstones we promise to our business partners. And we stand by our promises.

We process and supply all product categories of poultry, pork, beef and lamb to customers all over the world – from global bulk trading to the catering and retail markets. Our wide network of industry contacts enables us to match supplier, product, and customer for mutual benefit.

As a processing and trading company in a competitive market, it is vital that we retain the complete trust of our business partners. Only when customers rely on us to deliver and suppliers depend on our track record can we fulfill our ambition of long-term success.

We cover your needs, we handle the logistics, wherever you are in the world!

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