Free shipping for standard order over $2000 ( Supply ability : 3000 MT monthly )

Payment Terms

Terms Of Payment

T/T Transfer: 30% after signing a contract and proforma invoice to cover all packing/loading/inspections including inland transactions and 40% after confirmation of shipping document, 30% once Vessel arrives at destination Port and 7working days for you to confirm quality and quantity.

LC payment : 100% at sight

1. Buyer sends LOI or ICPO to Seller. Seller sends SCO to Buyer. The buyer signs SCO and reverts to Seller.
Note: We will always verify each LOI or ICPO with the buyer himself. There is no way that we send any SCO or FCO addressed to intermediaries or agents or mandates.
Seller issue Partial POP documents to the buyer via Seller email address to the Buyer Email address on listed below:
A. Copy of License certificate
B. Copy of Statement of Availability of the product.
C. Copy of Proforma Invoice, Commitment to supply, Certificate of Origin, Q&Q done by the indigenous lab at the port of Origin, ATS (Authorization to Sell).
Seller drafts Sales & Purchase Agreement (SPA) and Commercial Invoice (CI) to be lodged in both banks. Seller and Buyer execute the final contract. Seller sends final contract electronically in PDF format. An electronically executed final contract can stand as original.

2. Buyer Within three (3) banking Days, After sellers Provide contract and Pro forma invoice buyer confirms 30% Advance payment or open 100% LC
Seller issue Invitation letter and arrange to invite the buyer to come and inspect the goods at the port of loading (Optional if the Buyer decides to follow CIF terms then SGS will do the inspection on behalf of the buyer ) and shipment Commences with full POP and shipping documents provided to the buyer.

3. After successful mutual confirmation of the advance payment or 100%, LC at sight between both banks Within 7 days (depends on the product and other parameters) after confirmation of the instrument by Seller’s bank and depending on SGS inspection timeline loading starts as per the delivery schedule agreed in the contract.
A. Copy of Commercial Invoice.
B. Copy of Approval to License certificate.
C. Copy of Statement of Availability of the Product.
D. Copy of the Company Commitment to Produce the Product.
E. Copy of the company Contract to Transport the Product to the Port.
F. Copy of the Port Storage Agreement.
G. Copy of the Charter Party Agreement(S) To Transport the Product to Buyer destination Port.
H. SGS report.
I. Copy of Vessel Questionnaire 88
J. Copy of Bill of Lading.
K. Certificate of Origin.

4. The ship arrives at port destination port and conducts inspection on the goods and Buyer release payment to seller bank after inspection at port.

5. Seller provides 110% insurance in favor of the buyer.

6. Transaction closed# Best Regards

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