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Grade A frozen pork

Payment : TT/LC , Online Bank Payment, .

Certification : HACCP, HALAL, ISO, FDA; HACCP; ISO9001;2008.

Shipping Method : Air Transport Sea Transport Land Transport.

Price : FOB / CIF .

Shipping Method : 6-21 days  after payment received.

Min. Order : 10 Metric Tons Bulk, Retail Pack.

we deal in the following pork parts and others on request.
frozen pork loin , chainless, boneless
frozen pork loin , chainless, boneless
frozen pork loin , chainless, boneless
frozen pork trimming 80/20
frozen pork bloody trimming 80/20
frozen pork trimming 70/30
frozen pork trimming 60/40
frozen pork trimming 50/50
frozen pork diaphragm trimming
frozen pork jowls, rindless ,Frozen Pork Shanks
frozen pork liver ,Pork Shanks and back shanks
frozen pork esternon , shanks and back shanks
frozen pork loin ribs and pork shanks
frozen pork regular back fat

    frozen pork soft fat
    frozen pork knee , Frozen Pork Shanks
    frozen pork cutting fat , Pork Collar
    frozen pork back fat , Pork Meat
    frozen Pork heads,jowls and tongue
    frozen Pork Stomachs , Pork Intestine
    frozen Pork Front feet , Frozen Pork Back Hind
    frozen Pork hind feet,Front feet
    frozen pork hearts and frozen pork Liver
    frozen pork belly bones ( piano bones )
    frozen pork soft bones ( rosaarios )
    frozen pork pancreas, nacked , Suckling Pork racks,ribs bones
    frozen pork loin bones ( back bones )
    frozen pork sides,riblets and soft bones
    frozen pork ham 3d,Pork Jowls and pork tails
    frozen pork ham 4d,Pork Loin,Frozen Pork Collars
    frozen Pork sow front , Pork Ham 3D and 4D

    frozen pork belly,Pork chest and frozen pork riblets
    frozen pork kidneys,Pork Hearts and Frozen Pork liver
    frozen pork tail bones in and without Bones,Pork Nose
    frozen pork collars, boneless, straight cut
    frozen pork sides,Pork Tails , Suckling Pork Belly,Shoulders and hams
    frozen pork neck bones , Pork Chest , Frozen Pork Loin
    frozen pork shoulder 3d,Pork Shoulder tennis cut
    frozen pork shoulder 4d ( shank meat in )
    pork loin , chainless, boneless ,pork ham
    pork loin , chain on, boneless , Pork Collar
    pork shoulder, tennis cut (round cut)
    Frozen Pork Intestine , Frozen Pork Meat
    Frozen Pork Brain,Pork Membrane
    Frozen Pork flank,Ham 4D,Pork meat fatless

    Frozen Pork Breast Bones,Pork Meat without Fat
    Frozen Pork Ribs bones,Pork Meat
    Frozen Pork Meat boneless,Boneless Pork Meat
    Frozen Pork Riblets ,Pork Spare ribs
    Frozen Pork Oyster ( Bone in and Boneless)
    Grade A Frozen pork MDM , Suckling Pork Riblets and bones
    Frozen Whole Suckling Pigs ,Suckling pork cutlet
    Frozen Quarter Suckling Pigs , Suckling Pork head
    Clean Frozen Suckling Pigs ,Suckling Pork Ham
    Frozen Suckling Pork Legs,Suckling Pork Shoulders
    Frozen Suckling Pork Fillets,Heads,Ear flaps and racks
    Frozen Suckling Pork Saddle , Suckling Pork Cheeks,Necks
    Frozen Suckling pork hind and fore knuckles,Suckling Pork Cuts

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