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What Clients Say About Us!

“Been struggling to get reliable supplier to supplier buyers. I dont have border any more. I happy to be working you on my orders."

- Darren | 29th april. 2019

“Excellent ever changing deals. You never know what bargain awaits you until you arrive. ...outrageously cheap prices on everything from fish, chicken, fish and frozen foods keeps me coming back to this place which is not conveniently located near my home, but worth the trip weekly."

- Katelyn T | 20th Feb. 2019

“Most places you go to buy frozen foods are hit & miss unless you go to Macreanor's that is. Every product I have purchased at Macreanor's has been excellent. Truly setting a new standard in frozen gourmet foods. Their vast selection of meats, fish and chicken foods sets them apart from the pack”

- Corey | 20th Dec 2018

“My container arrived China 35 days exactly as promised. quality is good, will order more”

- Debra P. | 03th September 2018

“We are regulars - excellent food, great prices. Very quick & delicious pre-prepared foods. Good BBQ Fare. The best frozen Yogurts.”

- Jason | 08th July 2018

“The staff is so helpful and friendly! I’m definitely a loyal customer. I have never been disappointed in their prices or products! This is the place to go for shopping for family sized meals for great prices. So much selection!”

- Marcia D. | 29th May 2017

“Having your company work our orders have been amazing. I could sign an contract already"

- Nancy | 16th june 2016

“What’s NOT to like? We live less than a mile from your store in Las Vegas. Your employees KNOW the inventory AND your products, as well as your regular customers. If something new comes in that they think we might like, it’s pointed out to us as soon as possible after we arrive, we’re greeted like FRIENDS, not customers, and we nearly always find something to buy (if not for dinner that night, then for the freezer so it’ll be there when we get ready for it).”

- Kathy | 02nd april 2015

“I have been coming here for a long time. Great quality frozen food and great service. I am always just stopping in for a prepared frozen chicken. There is even a shady spot to sit and enjoy your package. Great place to stop when on your bike!”

- Barb | 21st mar. 2014

“I love to shop at Macreanorltd in Australia. The staff is always helpful and the prices are great. Have to keep the fajita chicken on hand for quesadillas and nachos.”

- Nicole | 02nd Jan. 2013

“AWESOME place to get a lot for a little money great value and great deals especially when you have a family. At Macreanor, our size and every penny counts.”

- Gloria | 10th Dec 2012
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